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Course Categories

All Courses are Closed Captioned


Personal Finance 101
Investing 101
Credit 101
Insurance 101
Finances for Partners
Budgets 101
Mortgages 101
Canadian Taxes 101*
Loans 101*
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Life Skills

Real Estate 101
Home Organization
Sustainability 101
Auto Care 101
Goal Setting 101
Time Optimization
Dating 101
Meal Prepping 101
Parenting 101*
Nutrition 101*
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Health and wellness

Mental Health Literacy 101
Therapy 101
Breakups 101
Perfectionism 101
Sexual Health and Wellness
Anti Diet Culture
Healthcare 101
Navigating the Healthcare System*
Navigating your Mental Health Journey*
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Inner Growth

Intentional Living 101
Perfectionism 101
Emotional Intelligence
The Power of Asking
Dealing with Rejection
Interpersonal Communication
Burnout Prevention
Self Love 101
Boundary Setting
Self Esteem 101
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Career & Education

Job Searching 101
Linkedin 101
Resumes 101
Cover Letters 101
Networking 101
Personal Branding
Interview Skills 101
Career Roadmap 101
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Content and Education Created By

Brittany Clough
Maya Saggar
Dennis Ho
Ann Rogerson Therapy

Tax Professional

Career Counsellor

Professional Organizer

Chartered Professional Accountant

Certified Sex Therapist

Automotive Service Technician

Master/PhD/Doctorate Students

(Medicine, HR, Education, Psychology, Family Development)

Certified Life Coach

Chartered Financial Analyst

Certified Realtor

Clinical Counsellor

Automotive Service Technician

Efe Fruci
Matt Parkin
Diana Sadat
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are designed to get you where you want to be as efficiently, enjoyably and sustainably as possible!

Manageable, Bite Sized Lessons
Courses are broken into bite-sized lessons (anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes), so you can be learning even if you only have 15 mins/day. We want to build that intrinsic motivation through small and consistent steps and wins, rather than being another large task that they feel overwhelmed and guilt ridden by.
Actionable Steps
Learning is great, but the implementation of our learning is even better! Our actionable steps help individuals implement their learning and sustain their change and growth. Most courses also come with a PDF fillable workbook to be able to return to your learnings long after the completion of your course.
Community Connection Moments
Because members take our courses alone and on their own schedule, we decided to find some more ways we can make it more connected. Throughout the course, there are moments to connect with others who are taking/have taken the course. These include discussion prompts, questions, sharing before/after photos, sharing faves of relevant topics, etc.
Fillable Workbooks
Most courses (unless physically based) include fillable workbooks that you can either print or fill out right on your computer. These help you implement your learnings, reflect and make decisions, and give you something to come back to long after the completion of your course. Workbooks may include learnings, journaling prompts, check lists, actionable steps and more!

Our Community

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Onboarding 1:1's
Designed to help you get the most out of your learning experience, define your goal(s), and strategize your personalized journey for your time on Real Adulting 101.
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Chat Forums
We created a number of chat forums for you to connect with others, and to find answers in! You’ll get to share your learnings or whatever else you found awesome!
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Live Q & A's + Workshops
Stay tuned as we bring on different professionals to run workshops and Q&A’s for more live, in-the-moment connection and learning.
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Goal Setting Workshops and Check-ins
Monthly, you’ll be able to share your wins, challenges, questions, and goals. You'll also be able to access some further support to craft your goals.
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Community Connection Moments
Throughout each course, there are moments to connect with others who are taking/have taken the course. These include discussion prompts, questions, sharing faves tips, etc.
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Community Co-Work Sessions
Real Adulting 101 offers semi-weekly meetings meant to encourage productivity and community in an online space.  Join us every Sunday 11am PST | 2pm EST!
More details and sign up HERE! 
Real Adulting 101 Membership
$ 19
99 CAD/Month
  • Yearly option of $197/year
  • All Courses
  • Access to our Onboarding Course
  • All Resources
  • 1:1 Onboarding Session
  • 1:1 6 Month Check In
  • All Community Access

why choose real adulting 101

Whether you learn best through videos, closed captions, actionable implementation, at your own pace, or with guided structure, we've got you!

Built for all learning styles

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Created by young industry professionals for young adults. Because there's nothing worse than being told to stop buying your coffee out if you want to be financially secure.


Our community will be a place of growth, empowerment, and opportunities through fun challenges, accountability check-ins, live Q&A's, personal feedback and community events!


Past Adulting Glow Ups


Members get unlimited access to all 20+ courses, downloadable workbooks, additional resources (budget templates, portfolio builders, home checklist, etc.) and our ever growing  community. As we grow, you’ll have access to additional perks such as our Book Clubs, our Q&A’s, and our 1:1 database of coaches to help further implement your learning.

Great question! We know that a lot of this information is out there on Youtube or in blogs. Though we think all of these resources are awesome and definitely connect with some people, we believe that these forms of education are not efficient learning strategies for the majority of individuals. If they were, the statistics around young adults and finances, home ownership, health, etc. wouldn’t be as scary as they are. We interviewed and surveyed a large group of young adults around what works for them when it comes to learning and developed Real Adulting 101 off of YOUR answers. So let’s get into what actually makes us different:

All Inclusive: Our platform carries a large range of courses and educators so that you don’t have to spend all of your time trying to research a different solution and educator for every single area of your life. 

Actionable Steps: We’ve made sure that each course has clear, actionable steps to support all of your learning. We believe that learning is great, but that the implementation of your learning is even better! Actionable steps may include taking a quiz to find your investment risk level, filling out a home ownership checklist, discussion prompts around money with your partner, journaling to help you get the most out of your therapy session and so much more!

Community: We know that adulting can feel isolating and competitive. I would say most of us feel like we’re behind when comparing ourselves to others. We want to build transparency around the adulting journey and to help connect you with others who are on a similar path. Share your goals, your wins, your challenges and your questions. 

Resources: We are constantly looking to either connect our members with the best resources needed for their adulting journeys, or develop them ourselves. 

Tools: We’re taking out as much of the grunt work as possible. We help you easily secure all of the tools you may need in your adulting life (sometimes with a RA101 exclusive discount!)

The curriculum for each course is dependent on the Adulting Guide and the subject they’re covering. Every lesson within the course consists of a video in which our Adulting Guide educates via a presentation, hands on learning, examples, and more. Our courses come with workbooks and actionable steps to help you further implement your learning into your life.

Each course is made up of 4 – 25+ video lessons. These video lessons are 3 to 15 minutes in length each. We know life can be overwhelming and we want to make the information as bite sized and efficient as possible. Our members should feel like they are able to implement their learning within a 15 minute transit ride.