3 Books You Should Read

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3 Books You Should Read

So, we’re officially in 2022 which means you might be feeling older but not wiser. What better way to expand your knowledge than to read a good book? It’s time to take a break from your phone and grab a copy of these 3 books, highly recommended by our amazing adulting guides!

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving every day. James Clear, one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results Atomic Habits An EASy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits

  1. Give A Sh*t by Ashlee Piper

Give a Sh*t  guides you through the transition to a kinder, healthier, more conscious, and sustainable life like no book has done before. With a humorous and nonjudgmental tone, savvy eco-friendly lifestyle expert Ashlee Piper walks you through easy-but-impactful shifts anyone can make to live and be better every damn day.

Give A Shit Do Good Live Better Save the Planet

  1. Gift Of Therapy by Dr. Irvin D. Yalom

The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr. Irvin D. Yalom’s more than thirty-five years in clinical practice, The Gift of Therapy is a remarkable and essential guidebook that illustrates through real case studies how patients and therapists alike can get the most out of therapy. The bestselling author of Love’s Executioner shares his uniquely fresh approach and the valuable insights he has gained—presented as eighty-five personal and provocative “tips for beginner therapists.”

The Gift of Therapy Irvin D Yalom Book

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