About Real Adulting 101

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We’re all struggling with adulting in some way.

Most of us feel like we’re behind in life and scrolling through Instagram can amplify that feeling. But in reality, most of us are struggling with the same kinds of issues and are feeling just as challenged.


Between student loan debts, work demands, feeling unsure if we should invest for retirement while the world is burning, the pressures of balancing identifying red flags with the fact that our eggs have a shelf life, let alone remembering to keep toilet paper stocked in our house—the responsibilities of adult life can often feel overwhelming, stressful, and chaotic. Making you feel like you’re just barely keeping it together as you go along. Did they even teach us how to be an adult in high school? Why are there so many blogs on how to budget? How do taxes even work?


Our founder, Brittany, struggled with a lot of elements of adulting herself. She knew she needed to change that and created Real Adulting 101 with the goal of making the adulting journey as easy and empowering as possible by providing the education and resources to help everyone thrive as an adult.


With an arsenal of knowledge and tools in our back pocket, we want to guide anyone who wants to spend less time figuring out how to be an adult and spend more time living it. Real Adulting 101 is a community that supports personal growth through an online platform with curated courses, resources, and tools to make adulting as easy as possible. 


Real Adulting 101 is for you if:
You’re tired of trying to figure out this whole adulting thing alone.
You’re fed up of spending time googling questions, searching on YouTube, and getting mixed responses from friends and family about finances, career, and personal life.

You’re ready to stop playing trial and error with your life and get relevant help from knowledgeable people when you need it.


It’s up to us to craft a life of meaning and fulfillment, and we’re here to guide you in making decisions and implementing change that will help you thrive in life.

Stop simply surviving; start thriving!