Most simply put, compound interest is interest earned on interest earned previously. If you had to stop and think about what that means, this blog is for you! Here you will learn what compound interest is, the difference between compound and simple interest, and how to use compound interest to maximize your financial gains. 

Most people drastically underuse one of the best ways to get or work towards getting what they want, asking for it! For some, asking for help comes naturally and easily. For others, it induces anxiety and fear of rejection. Regardless of where you stand, know that asking people for help is an extremely valuable tool, so when in doubt, ask!

Most people love the feeling of getting a perfect new item of clothing, but you can get that feeling from buying second-hand as well. Buying brand new clothing is not only costing you extra money, but it comes with a steep environmental cost. Some people may look down on buying second-hand items thinking they are not as nice. However, now, more than ever, people are reselling high-quality clothing at a fraction of the cost through second-hand outlets, so take advantage!

Have you ever looked at your credit score and wondered where that number came from? There are many pieces surrounding your financial history that financial institutions use to determine your credit score. If you know what these financial institutions are looking for and how they weigh each aspect, you can make sure to focus on what is most important to keep that credit score sky high!

If you have ever started a job search, you likely know how overwhelming it can feel. Finding a job at a company you want to work with that interests you and is relevant to your skills can feel impossible. However, knowing where to look can help relieve most of the overwhelming parts of searching for a job. Start your job search using these sources for the best chance at finding your dream job!

You may have heard the term ‘healthy relationships’ so many times. But, what is your definition of “healthy”? What does a healthy relationship consist of? Here, we start with the Top 5 indicators of a Healthy Relationship. Let’s start checking them off!

Ever felt so low energy that even getting out of bed was a struggle? Are you constantly in a gloomy mood? Unable to focus? Finding it hard to express yourself? Forgetting minor things? Chances are, you’re experiencing brain fog.

Can’t seem to stop endlessly scrolling through social media? Here are some helpful tips to limit your app usage!

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If you’re looking for a place to rent for the first time, it’s likely it will be your first time living on your own after leaving your parents’ house or your college dorm. There may be excitement and anxiety surrounding it! Although the process will come with a range of emotions, it’s best not to make an emotional decision that you’ll regret down the road. This guide will help you know what to prioritize and keep in mind when heading into your first property rental.