Dennis Ho


Wheel Easy

Auto Care 101

Ivey HBA 2022

310S Automotive Service Technician (13341270)

Ontario College Diploma x2 – Motive Power Technician and Diesel Power Technician

Wheel Easy is a mobile automotive service provider that aims to improve tire and automotive service by bringing the shop to your car. By disrupting the traditional car-to-the-shop model, Wheel Easy can improve the overall automotive service experience through their key pillars of accessibility and education.  Accessibility: You get auto service in a format that works for you; instead of taking time out of your day to bring your car to the shop, our licensed technicians come to your home or office and complete the work on your terms.  Education: You get the opportunity to learn more about your car, reducing anxiety when dealing with automotive issues. Our open style of work increases transparency, and allows visual explanations and answers to questions that you may have.  Additionally, Wheel Easy is committed to providing instructional resources for important automotive tasks, like changing a flat tire or checking your oil, and providing advice on any issues that may arise. All with the goal of making the interaction with your service provider more of a positive experience.