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"Treating employees benevolently shouldn't be viewed as an added cost that cuts into profits, but as a powerful energizer that can grow the enterprise into something far greater than one leader could envision."

Real Adulting 101 Benefits Plan
Treat your employees benevolently by including a Real Adulting 101 Benefits Plan as part of your compensation package.

Do you offer things like group health insurance or a RRSP matching program? Did you know that (at least) half of your employees don’t know how to use them, or how to get the most out of them? 

Real Adulting 101 builds education and understanding around subjects like these and many more. 

Not only will adding Real Adulting 101 into your compensation plan positively set your business apart, but you will be helping your employees thrive in their life, which can directly translate into a better environment and increased productivity for your workplace. 

We all know burnout, mental health, lack of productivity, lack of confidence and life’s stresses easily leak into the workplace. At Real Adulting 101, we’re providing the tools, courses and resources necessary for adults to build stability, to take control of their lives and to find and strengthen confidence in themselves; undeniably helping them become a stronger employee and member of your team.

Your Employees Without RA101:

Only 230,000 of 500,000 Sun Life members eligible for employer-sponsored RRSP programs, took advantage of them.*
Finances matters are the top cause of stress and distraction at work.^
79% of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase.^*
62% of all employees look to their employers for help in achieving financial security through employee benefits.**^
In 2021, 59% of millennial workers and 58% of Gen Z workers experienced burnout.***
69% of millennial Canadians can't pass a basic financial literacy test.**
* Source: Investment Executive
** Source: Survey by IPSOS and
**^ Source: MetLife
^ Source: PwC’s 9th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey
^* Source: Glassdoor’s Q3 2015 Employment Confidence Survey
*** Source: Thrive My Way Burnout Stats

Your Employees with RA101

Are more productive due to understanding time management, dealing with rejection, preventing burnout and taking steps to better their mental and emotional health.

Your employees are less stressed due to taking control of their finances (did you know that finances are the top cause of stress and distraction at work?)

Your employees are more empowered to give ideas, take charge and take pride in their work.

Are overall happier and we all know know happy & healthy employees = a happy work environment which = more revenue, less employee turnover & a better reputation for great future hires.

Will have more time in their afterwork hours to manage the many different elements of their life, leading to a more focused day at work.

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