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Real Adulting 101 is a membership platform for adult learning. We provide a range of online courses relevant to the adulthood journey including investing, real estate, mental health and more! Our courses are broken up into bite-sized (3-15 minute) video segments, complete with actionable steps, workbooks, templates and extra resources to accompany the lessons.

We also provide a community of like minded individuals to connect with through our chat forums and live events. Find an accountability partner, connect with those going through the same courses and share your adulting wins, challenges and questions at any time!

Learn anywhere, anytime.

Is saying “changing your life” too excessive? 😎 Yes? Okay, fair. Well, as with anything, you get out what you put in. However, the main benefits will be the time and money you save  by learning how to be an adult in an effective, no-fluff, designed-by-young-adults-for-young-adults way . 

We have a large range of courses that help break down adulting subjects. These include text based materials to support the video courses, actionable steps so that implementing your education is easy and stress free and, when applicable, extra resources and templates (resumes, budgets, debt trackers, etc.).  

You’ll also have access to our Real Adulting 101 Community where you can share your wins, challenges and questions with those on a similar journey or pursuing similar adulting goals. 

Additionally, we have several awesome partners who are providing exclusive offers for Real Adulting 101 members. 

Finally, stay motivated through our Learn & Earn program where you earn points as you finish courses, challenges and more. These points can be used to purchase merchandise or 1:1 bookings.

We’re so glad you asked! Our Learn & Earn program was designed because our founder believes that we should be rewarded every time we stick to our budget, stick to our boundaries and stick to our dreams. (Also, everytime we get our blood taken, clean the toilet and don’t scream more than five times during tax season). As you finish courses, complete challenges, communicate with your community and fill our course surveys (we want to ensure we’re providing you with the best material), you earn points. You’ll be able to put those points towards purchasing 1:1 coachings with our database of coaches or buying anything from our merchandise page (coming soon!).

You can reach us at for all customer service needs.

Great question! We know that a lot of this information is out there on Youtube or in blogs. Though we think all of these resources are awesome and definitely connect with some people, we believe that these forms of education are not efficient learning strategies for the majority of individuals. If they were, the statistics around young adults and finances, home ownership, health, etc. wouldn’t be as scary as they are. We interviewed and surveyed a large group of young adults around what works for them when it comes to learning and developed Real Adulting 101 off of YOUR answers. So let’s get into what actually makes us different:

All Inclusive: Our platform carries a large range of courses and educators so that you don’t have to spend all of your time trying to research a different solution and educator for every single area of your life. 

Actionable Steps: We’ve made sure that each course has clear, actionable steps to support all of your learning. We believe that learning is great, but that the implementation of your learning is even better! Actionable steps may include taking a quiz to find your investment risk level, filling out a home ownership checklist, discussion prompts around money with your partner, journaling to help you get the most out of your therapy session and so much more!

Community: We know that adulting can feel isolating and competitive. I would say most of us feel like we’re behind when comparing ourselves to others. We want to build transparency around the adulting journey and to help connect you with others who are on a similar path. Share your goals, your wins, your challenges and your questions. 

Resources: We are constantly looking to either connect our members with the best resources needed for their adulting journeys, or develop them ourselves. 

Tools: We’re taking out as much of the grunt work as possible. We help you easily secure all of the tools you may need in your adulting life (sometimes with a RA101 exclusive discount!)

No! Currently a few of the courses are more tailored towards Canadian residents (Taxes and some of the legal parts of courses like Real Estate), but we are quickly working to balance it out. However, the majority of our courses aren’t country specific.

Yes! If you’re interested in being an Adulting Guide, a mentor, or a part of any of our partnership programs, please find more information here.

We sure do! Check out our Group Membership Plans here and reach out for more details so that we can get all of you on the platform and thriving ASAP! 😍

Here’s the thing. 

Some of us learned about investing at 17 and some of us are 32 and feel like we’re too late to get into the game. Some of us are already mental health pros but don’t know a thing about starting a conversation around our finances. 

It is hard to put an age or level of education to who should or would need this, because we’ve all had access to different adulting subjects at different times. We’ve had people interested in our platform who range in age from 16 to 60 and in experience from a recent high school graduate to a Chartered Financial Analyst. 

So, we recommend giving it a trial period and seeing if these courses can provide value to your life! 

Soft Launch Prices (sign up from February 4 – April 30, 2022)

We wanted to offer Soft Launch prices for those who sign up within the first three months of our platform. Although the value is undeniably there from day one, we expect to be presented with a few hiccups and will be doing a lot of customer feedback surveys in these initial months to further better the site. These prices will be active for one year after your signup.

Annual: $97/year

Monthly: $12.99/month

Real Adulting 101 Prices:

Annual: $197/year

Monthly: $19.99/month

We are also in the process of developing our Scholarship Program, as we know that some people who may need this platform the most are not able to afford it. 

For best user experience, use Real Adulting 101 on desktops & tablets. Mobile usage is available however we advise to use desktop prior to our App Launch.

membership faq

Members get unlimited access to all 20+ courses, downloadable workbooks, additional resources (budget templates, portfolio builders, home checklist, etc.) and our ever growing  community. As we grow, you’ll have access to additional perks such as our Book Clubs, our Q&A’s, and our 1:1 database of coaches to help further implement your learning.

No, you are free to finish one lesson a week or 20 courses within the first month. Learn at your own pace. You’ll have access to all of the courses for the length of your membership.

Access to your membership begins on the date you subscribe to the annual membership. After a year, your membership will be automatically renewed, unless cancelled!

Courses faq

The curriculum for each course is dependent on the Adulting Guide and the subject they’re covering. Every lesson within the course consists of a video in which our Adulting Guide educates via a presentation, hands on learning, examples, and more. Our courses come with workbooks and actionable steps to help you further implement your learning into your life.

Each course is made up of 4 – 25+ video lessons. These video lessons are 3 to 15 minutes in length each. We know life can be overwhelming and we want to make the information as bite sized and efficient as possible. Our members should feel like they are able to implement their learning within a 15 minute transit ride.

At Real Adulting 101, we always say your adulting journey is like a snowflake: no journey is the same. Depending on your pace, how many courses you’re taking at once, the number of lessons in a course and the recommended actions associated with the course, course completion may take anywhere from 2 hours to 1 month.

There are suggested actionable steps, workbooks and exercises to help you implement your learning! We believe that learning is great, and implementing your learning is even better. That being said, you know what you need more than we do, so there are zero requirements to complete our suggested actions.

Closed Captions will be made available by March 1st 2022 on all videos.