Sam Soloway Planet Pantry Sustainability 101

Sami Soloway

Planet Pantry


Planet Pantry Co-Founder​

Sam Soloway is an artist turned business woman. She has spent her life caring deeply for planet Earth, and in the last 3 years has been educating herself and spreading knowledge about the human impact on our planet. She has been living a zero-waste lifestyle throughout this time, and has helped guide others in finding how to live their own sustainable lives. She wanted to share her knowledge on a larger scale, so in 2020, she started Planet Pantry: an online zero-waste pop-up shop turned bricks and mortar store. She uses her Planet Pantry platform to not only get sustainable products into the hands of people, but to educate them on the climate emergency, and on how they are personally making a difference by shopping zero-waste!

Planet Pantry Sustainability 101 Sam Soloway
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