The Top 5 Ways to Foster Healthy Relationships

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Top 5 Ways to Foster Healthy Relationships

While many celebrities attract extreme attention to their personal lives and stormy relationships, it’s time to come back to the basics. Now, everyone defines healthy relationships differently. 

Let me get you to think here, what is your definition of “healthy”? 

You may have had a number of things cross your mind right, or even none at all? 

Well, I honestly believe that we humans tend to evolve on what certain concepts mean to us depending on the experiences we face in our lifetime. It is possible that by the end of this blog your definition of “healthy” may drastically change, stay the same, or have no impact. It is very, very possible that you never thought about it until now. 

I can certainly say that relationships aren’t just a bouquet of roses and chilling with each other. It’s also certainly not teen couples getting together and just partying after school. It is so much more than that!

But, as we evolve, so do our relationships, and some signs are crystal clear to know if you’re in a healthy relationship or not….. So here, I present to you, the TOP 5 indicators of a healthy relationship! Let’s start checking off what we have here!


Highlight this heavily. I cannot stress this enough that respect is so so so important for a relationship and your mental and emotional well-being!

You can’t let anyone bring you down or break your confidence! Okay people, PLEASE keep respect on high priority! It is not pretty to get your confidence knocked down for what you value as a relationship. Speaking from experience, it takes years to build confidence and be this strong you, don’t let someone come and take it away like that!


Now this! Part of the foundation of a relationship! Trust does wonders honestly, it makes a person more open and giving in a way. Trust yourself, your decisions, your partner, their decisions, and decisions as a team. With trust, comes honesty.


This is a very strong pillar in a healthy relationship. No matter how hard it is, honesty should always be key in a relationship; it also paves the way to keep communication open and healthy. Honesty is what keeps trust alive in a relationship. In general, it makes us humans feel secure in the relationship. And not just that, it also promotes self and life-satisfaction!

Be Yourself

Every single human being is so unique. There, I summed it up. Just kidding. Instead, I would like to pose this as a question, why would you ever want to be like someone else, when you can be just YOURSELF? You are so unique, so different, so special. Be proud of who you are and be that amazing person you are!

Team Mentality

And finally, I present to you the last highly important aspect of a healthy relationship! 

By the way, you have been checking off the ones that you resonate with right?! 

Okay, back on topic, but yes, take the relationship as a team! This relationship is not just about you, or your partner! It’s about you BOTH as a team! A team mentality will bring loads of satisfaction in the relationship! highly important aspect of a healthy relationship! 

Alright, time to wrap up! 

Reminder:  You are so special, you are so unique, and you are so loved.

Some steps you can take: 

  • Take the time to listen and talk to your partner, ALWAYS.
  • Talk about your individual goals and dreams with your partner to start a great conversation. Get to know each other even better!
  • Journal and reflect: what does LOVE mean to you? What do you want to achieve from this relationship? How does this relationship make you FEEL?
  • Be flexible, and try new things! Life is an adventure on its own! Remember, healthy relationships include the concept of team mentality! Sometimes, you have to meet in the middle!
  • Create habits! Perhaps, having coffee every morning together. Or even, a trip to a new place every few months or yearly. Weekly date nights, weekly partying just for the two of you? Anything that makes you both feel happy together! 

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